Sunday, August 9, 2009


Austin lives for the moment his Daddy
comes home from work. If I ask him,
"Austin, are you a momma's baby?
He will sign "Daddy Tractor."
Every afternoon, Daddy and his
little shadow will find something
to do on the tractor. And who could
blame them? It's air conditioned,
has an XM radio, and it's even
equipped with a Buddy seat.

Austin prefers heavy lifting with the
front end loader. But more than likely,
they are raking, mowing, tettering,
or baling hay. Not too far into work time
I will receive the inevitable phone call,
"Come and get your son." The sound of the mower
and the vibration of the engine puts Austin to sleep.
(Workin' Hard) ;)

Keep the Faith

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