Saturday, August 15, 2009

From the moment I walked in the door with my iphone, my children claimed it.

If Hunter is not playing games, Rachel is snapping pictures
and downloading applications or Sarah is adding and mixing
up the ringtones. And that is where I got into trouble.

On Friday night, Sarah and I went to church for an event called Uprising 3.0

"All rising 7th Graders and family, join us for a time of introduction to the
Student Ministry of FBC. We will have a dinner prepared just for you at
6:00 in the Fellowship Hall. During this time you will be introduced
to many of the ministries, programs and activities you can be
invloved in with Student Ministry."

So... right in the middle of the youth pastor's talk...
my phone goes off. LOUD.
The ringtone... "DA DA DA DUM.... Bad to the Bone."

Yeah. It went off at least twice before I turned it off
and everyone turned to me. Laughing. Hard.

It was quite an uprising.

When we got home, I gathered the children together
and asked for a confession... "Who put "Bad to the Bone"
on my ringtone?"

"It said "Piano Riff," Mama... not "Bad to the Bone," Sarah
confessed. "What is "Bad to the Bone" anyway?"

For those of you too young to know the song..
it's a classic. "Bad To the Bone"

Keep the Faith,

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