Saturday, August 8, 2009

The Vet's Daughter

(The Vet's Daughter)

After dental appointments, I decided to take the five youngest
to lunch at a downtown cafe. Rebecca, claiming
"privilege of the oldest child in the car," grabbed the front seat
while the others piled into the back. I was midturn to face the
back of the car to begin backing out of the parking lot when
my attention was caught by a small pink mark on my
daughter's neck.

"What happened?"
"Oh, I burned my neck with a curling iron," Rebecca grimace
and lightly touched the sore spot. Unable to resist taunting
her sister, Rachel hung over the front seat and said. "It looks
like a hickey!" Rebecca blushed and said, "Trust me, I KNOW,
everyone at work and church has been harassing me about the
dang burn for two days."

Rachel giggled and with a wicked glint in her eye began
sing-songing... "Rebecca's got a hickey, Rebecca's got a
love bite, Rebecca's got....."

"Ring Worm," interrupted a very droll voice.

For a single beat there was dead silence before Rachel,
Hunter and I burst out laughing. Sarah crossed her arms
over her chest and pouted at our laughter.
"That's what it looks like to ME!"

Rebecca hung her head and sighed, "Only a vet's daughter
would think of that."

(Rebecca, Sarah and Rachel)

Keep the Faith and keep away from burns
caused by hot hair implements.

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