Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Sweet Deal

So I went to the mall today. I need camp clothes. Yes, I've officially lost my mind. Next week I'm headed to SC with a bunch of hoodlums... third to sixth grade boys and girls. 

Since I'll be living in a college dorm room (oh joy) and basically sweating it out with a bunch of youngun's in various camp activities (like chasing each other with water balloons) I decided to update the wardrobe. Thank goodness the sales are outrageous this time of year. I racked up some serious threads with very little cash. It was sweet. Anyway, I found this little green top and decided to wear it this afternoon. 

When I walked up to Rebecca at church, she gave me a blank look. Then she started laughing and said, "I had no idea who you were... you look twenty-ish. I was like... 'who IS THIS chick talking to me.'" 


Yeah. I need to consider giving the girl an allowance.

I'm headed back to the store in the morning to buy the same shirt in every color it comes in... 'You Betcha.' 

Keep the Faith,

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Linda said...

Where did you get it? I might get some too. : )