Friday, July 10, 2009

Mars Vs Venus

So. We are in this really serious business meeting discussing our 'investment horizon,,' future educational trusts, special needs trusts... serious. And the gentleman, Marc, leading the discussion decides to tell a tale on a mutual friend of ours. Seems they were out golfing one day when "Dan" swings a bit too hard with his wooden golf club and sends it into a nearby pond. So it's floating in the pond.... and Marc encourages him to go after the club. So, Dan takes off his socks and shoes, rolls up his pants legs and wades into the water. About 5 feet into the pond, Marc whistles. Dan looks back and sees his friend 'relieving' himself into the pond. The other three males in the room think the 'tale' is hilarious and die laughing. I'm looking at him like.. This is funny?

Naw. This is GROSS.

Do you think the 'male' and 'female' sense of humor is the same?

I think not.

Keep the Faith,


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