Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Lunch ~ Day 4 of the 100 project

The children finished lunch early today and were outside cleaning up the back yard when their Daddy came home. Earlier, the phone technician had circled our house and stuck orange flags in the soil outlining the phone/DSL line. Watching him walk around the perimeter of our home brought to my attention the little things that I generally ignore...things like the toys left out by the children and bits of trash blown out of the trash cans by the wind. It was a balmy day before the rain, and they were enjoying the break from our home school activities. Occasionally they would run up the back stairs to exchange teasing remarks with their Daddy as he ate his lunch and went over with me his detailed plans for the ongoing extensive gardening project.

The orange flags are to show him where the lines are buried in the ground as he maneuvers the backhoe and other heavy equipment preparing the land for garden. Otherwise.. we may be without a phone and the internet if he digs the line up.
He didn't stay long, there were patients waiting for him back at the office. As he prepared to leave, I asked him for a kiss goodbye in a loud voice and told the children to stay in the yard away from the kitchen. He laughed and knowing that the children couldn't resist disobeying that command, he picked me up, placed me on a kitchen chair and moved in for a dramatic kiss. ( I'm a foot shorter than he is.. he's 6'4, I'm barely 5'3) We laughed quietly as we heard the rapid banging of their footsteps up the wooden steps as they clambered quickly to the back door window. Pressing their noses to the window, the girls giggled while our son faked a cough and said, "Eww.. gross." Then they ran down the stairs and back into the yard to finish their chore, chattering happily to each other.... content in the fact that their world was safe and secure.

I'm thankful for a husband who would rather drive home for a pb&j with his wife and kids then 'lunch' in town at a fancy restaurant.

Keep the Faith & treasure the small things that make your life worth living.

The 100 project

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Bethany said...

Ok that is the cutest story ever! And as much as they eww over it, I know they appreciate having parents that love each other. Keep lovin, because you are defining them.

~Spoken from someone whose parents are divorced, but remembering vividly one kiss like this and wishing there had been more.