Friday, February 20, 2009

The Birds

While we were resting in North Carolina this past weekend,


our resident photographer, Becca, snapped photos as she

walked around Junaluska Lake.

(in these boots101_2213 )


She found a cross that sits upon the hill overlooking the lake

and an old stone church with beautiful arch ways.


She also found a duck


"Such a cute little duck," She thought to herself.

"I shall feed him, he shall be my friend, and I shall call him, Daffy."

But then he brought a few friends with him.

101_2229 101_2230 101_2232 101_2233 101_2238

Becca got nervous. It reminded her of this....


So then, my 18 year old daughter ran up to the car and lept into the front seat. As we were leaving, this blocked the street.

101_2299 101_2303

Becca choose to snap the geese photos from the safety of the suburban.

Keep the Faith,


PS. It's a movie classic, over 40 years old. Scary. No one does scary like Alfred Hitchcock.


Bethany said...

Great pics ... she's got talent!

Kristen said...

So, I must have missed your call since you were in NC and I didn't hear from you!!! :(

(Great pics, of course!!!)

Martha said...

I have a goose just like that on my blog! I was more afraid of the swans though and it did remind me of Alfred Hitchcock.

Crystal said...

Hey! You hopped over here from xanga! I used to and sometimes still frequent your xanga (my xanga I quit some time ago lol) but didn't know you had come to blogger :-). I seen a comment on Renee's page.. Anyway

Classics and Country said...

Thanks for the field trip. Love your damask background!