Friday, April 3, 2009


They closed the schools today. My children want to know if they get the day off from homeschooling. Their dad told them that the only way they could have a 'flood' day was if there was a river of water flooding the house. There are some disadvantages to homeschooling. Let's hope they don't decide to plug up the tub and let the water flow. Last year we were in a ten year drought. I guess God is storing up the water for this summer. Meanwhile, the house is mildewing outside, the garden is a muddy river and the driveway is a 'slip-n-slide.' On one main highway, next to a pond, I dodged five turtles trying to cross the road...all at the same time. Other than the fact we are considering building an ark, it's life as usual on the farm. Keep the Faith ~ Amy

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Cathy said...

Have to give them points (A’s) for trying lol
Amy do you home school Austin?