Thursday, February 12, 2009

Mr. Astute

He used to sit over at the kitchen table in the mornings. In his high chair, he would breakfast while I prepared his medications. But one day, Austin had an epiphany and decided he was too big for a high chair. Instead he climbs up the counter stool to sit at the kitchen island, the hub of all the early morning action. He can keep on eye on things better that way. He studies me, approvingly, as I pull out his vitamins. They look and taste like gummy bears.

He takes his vitamins, sips on apple juice and munches on cheese toast while I open up his apple sauce. And up until yesterday, he never had a clue that hidden in his breakfast treat was half an antacid pill.

After our new ENT diagnosed Austin with reflux, I took his prescription for Prevacid SoluTab to our pharmacist. Insurance denied it. "They want you to try an OTC first. If it doesn't work, they might approve the Prevacid." There is just one problem. This pill is coated with a hard shell, Austin can not swallow it. Desperate, I cut it in half and hid it in his apple sauce. That worked great for a few days until one morning, Mr. Astute figured out there was something in his apple sauce and lil' smarty breeches "don't play that game." (bonus points if you know what famous show and skit that one liner originated)

I tried talking to him, coaxing him, begging him before finally fussing at him. Everything I put in his mouth he'd spit back out. I tried pudding. I tried yogurt. Not happenin' Mama. Finally I gave up, changed his shirt and took him to school.

After I dropped him off, I went back to the pharmacist and pled our case. She was very sympathetic and promised to fight for little Austin's original medicine. Hopefully Insurance will come back and approve the SoluTab. In the meantime, I purchased one tab.

This little pill ...... is $9. A one month supply is $145. But.. they dissolve on contact with his mouth. He doesn't have a chance to protest the pill before it melts. It's the only acid-reducer that comes in a soluble tablet. Such a beautiful concept.. only an acid reducer in a kid size dose, fashioned as a gummy bear treat would be a better solution.

Any ideas for getting him to swallow his bitter pill if insurance continues to deny the SoluTab?

Keep the Faith,

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Bethany said...

Amy ... Payton has always been on Prevacid and I actually was wondering why you were using I know. ;) We just switched insurance, but right before we did, we had been notified by our old company that they were also no longer covering Prevacid. That is such crap. Luckily P is on the waiver, so medicaid picks it up anyway.

Also, if you ever do get on prevacid, we have had more luck administering it in 4mL of water in a syringe. It doesn't necessarily dissolve quickly in their mouths with just saliva and they can't bite it or the granules won't work, so that might be hard with a toddler to not have them bite it.

And, we had a Prevacid card forever that covered our co-pays. We got it from our Ped. GI ... ask yours for one if you ever get on Prevacid. I have posted about this on Downsyn a few times and just bumped on of the threads. My card just expired, so I'm wondering if others are still working because when I call the number, it is saying the program is over or something. Either way I still have medicaid, but it would be good for you if you need it.