Thursday, January 22, 2009


So... January is almost over. Did you set any resolutions this year? I tend to avoid that... it's a nasty habit anyway.
But I have been trying to improve one little area of my home every day. This goes beyond cleaning. I couldn't possibly only clean one little area. My home would become a sinkhole.. quickly.

But. I have been organizing and de-cluttering and sprucing up a bit. I tossed around the idea of a yard sale. Then tossed that idea into the bag with all the clothes that I dropped off at Goodwill. Can't see charging someone for my outgrown clothes and stuff. I'd just end up buying something else that someone would out grow or have to dust. Instead, I felt the need to give it away. One rather big box of clothes made it to my 'kindred spirit' friend. She has a little girl a couple of years younger than my Sarah. It was full of jackets, dresses, skirts and a few jeans..too small for my youngest girls.

We are hard on clothes around here. The only articles of clothing that I'd feel comfortable giving to someone else's child are those reserved for Sundays and special occasions.

A working farm produces clothes that are mud and grass stained remnants of once cute clothes. We soon learned to divide the children's clothing into... 'city clothes' and 'country clothes.' Trust me, only the city clothes made it to little Claire.

Do you know... my friend wrote me a Thank You note. A Thank You note.. to your best friend... for cast off clothes. Made me cry. And kick myself for not sending her more things earlier. Such a small thing really, sharing what you have with others. But at the right moment, when they might need it most, sharing what you don't use or need with someone else can be a Blessing - to you both.

Keep the Faith,

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