Friday, January 30, 2009

I received an email from my MIL this morning. It included a website for Beanstock Apparently he's a first cousin of my husband and he raises exotic animals.
Take a look...

One of his baby zebras is a celebrity;
he tours with Jack Hanna Show.

Nilgai are a large antelope from India.

We all know what this is.. lol
Look at 'joey' peeking out at the camera.

Miniature donkeys.

Funny thing, Hubby and I were just discussing the allure of raising wild animals. I stumbled across The Daily Coyote a blog about a young woman in Wyoming who is raising a coyote.
When I told him about her adventures, the only thing he said was, "Hrumph."

"What does that mean? " I asked.

"At some point a wild animal, no matter how domesticated returns to what they know. He will eventually revert. He still thinks like a wild animal."

I guess we all really know that... but it doesn't stop people from wanting to tame the 'wild.'
I hope she succeeds and that Hubby is wrong. But even our cousin posted a warning on his website about the Nalgia, the antelope from India.

"Bottle-fed babies become very tame. While babies can be alot of fun for children, the grown animals, especially bulls, should not be considered children's pets."

And he warns that the Zebras are 'wild animals' and should be respected as such.

Yeah, well. I don't care. I want a zebra. I think Chuchu needs a companion, Don't you?

Keep the Faith,

*A new post on 100 project coming up.. We've all had the cold/sore throat/flu... *sniffle, cough, cough*

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